Special Events and Mass Gathering Medicine

On any given day, an increasing number of special events and mass gatherings occur across the United States. The population surge into a single area from events such as athletic competitions, street fairs, festivals and concerts create challenges for Emergency Medical Service agencies. Increased call volume, nontraditional response environments, and accessibility to patients are just a few examples of the possibilities for which EMS leaders and decision makers must plan. However, through appropriate integration of EMS into the early stages of the planning process, participating in an all-hazards assessment, and enhancing the situational awareness of EMS responders, Wake County EMS has developed an approach to ensure our community’s special events and mass gatherings are staffed and managed to promote a safe and fun environment.

Thursday, January 31 | 3:00pm – 4:00pm
Curtis Fuko | Wake County EMS; Seth Komansky | Wake County EMS; Jeff Hammerstein | Wake County EMS
Raleigh Convention Center | 305 B
Panel Session