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It takes a village!

Here in Raleigh, we understand that permitting special events doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It takes partners from across the city – including those in emergency response, transportation, risk management, parks and recreation, public utilities, and solid waste (just to name a few!) – to coordinate the safety-focused management of special events. Local government officials from across departments will be joining us in January; if you’ve got a hand in special events, we want to learn from your expertise!

Lunch Dine-Arounds

Dine-Arounds were such a hit in Austin at the inaugural Municipal Special Events Summit, that we’re bringing these to Raleigh! All attendees are encouraged to participate in this great networking opportunity on Thursday, January 31. Choose from several of downtown Raleigh’s prime time lunch hot spots where we will reserve tables for attendees to get to know their peers from other municipalities and organizations. Attendees will be responsible for paying for their own meals.

If you want to sign-up to mix and mingle, let us know! Deadline to submit your picks is Friday, December 21.

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Session Spotlights

We are thrilled to reveal our Session Spotlights! Check out the features below for a sneak peek of two presentation topics and learn more about the speakers too!

SESSION SPOTLIGHT 1 – TITLE: Community Engagement

SUMMARY: Los Angeles is a sprawling Southern California city and the center of the nation’s film and television industry. Boasting over 4 million residents, LA encounters unique challenges when it comes to engaging various stakeholders in the events management process. Learn about how LA facilitates community engagement, best practices, and opportunities for improvement.

PRESENTER: Edward Yu is the Chief of Special Traffic Operations and Emergency Response for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation. A licensed Civil Engineer with over 25 years of experience managing Special Events and responding to Emergencies, including civil unrest protests. He is responsible for managing all major Special Events in the City of Los Angeles which includes over 500 hundred major Special Events annually such as the Academy Awards, the Los Angeles Marathon, and the Golden Globe Awards. His Team is also responsible for managing the over 350 Special Events that occur at Dodger Stadium, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, and the Staple Center.  Additionally, he is currently working with the Olympic Host committee to develop the plan for the upcoming 2028 Olympic games that will be held in Los Angeles.

EX_RCC_sbp_01_29_2009_01.jpgCourtesy visitRaleigh

SESSION SPOTLIGHT 2 – TITLE: Special Events and Mass Gathering Medicine

SUMMARY: On any given day, an increasing number of special events and mass gatherings occur across the United States. The population surge into a single area from events such as athletic competitions, street fairs, festivals and concerts create challenges for Emergency Medical Service agencies. Increased call volume, nontraditional response environments, and accessibility to patients are just a few examples of the possibilities for which EMS leaders and decision makers must plan. However, through appropriate integration of EMS into the early stages of the planning process, participating in an all-hazards assessment, and enhancing the situational awareness of EMS responders, Wake County EMS has developed an approach to ensure our community’s special events and mass gatherings are staffed and managed to promote a safe and fun environment.

PRESENTER: Seth J. Komansky, MS, NRP, is deputy director and chief of operations for the Wake County Department of EMS in Raleigh, N.C. He supports the Paramedics, EMS Techs, Field Training Officers and District Chiefs. He is also responsible for Special Operations, which includes community special event support, EMS Honor Guard, bike team, hazardous materials medical response, and the tactical paramedic program. He manages the Wake County EMS Medical Intelligence Unit and serves as the statewide EMS field liaison officer coordinator at the North Carolina Information Sharing and Analysis Center, the state fusion center. He holds a master’s degree in homeland security management from the Homeland Security and Terrorism Institute at Long Island University.

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SESSION SPOTLIGHT 3 – TITLE: Video Analytics for Public Safety

SUMMARY: Presentation on the use of analytics and workflow automation for situation management and emergency response operations during special events. This presentation will include a discussion of the state of this technology as well as a demonstration.

PRESENTER: Louise Duncan is the Special Events Manger for the Town of Avon in the Vail Valley, CO. She attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she began her career in special events with the Big Ten Conference. Following graduation, she moved to the Virgin Islands managing a variety of resort centric events. Now based in the Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Louise looks to diversify Avon’s mountain resort economy to be less dependent on snowfall. Louise prefers to be outdoors and when not on event site she can be found skiing, running, or hiking.

Swag Swap

Do you have t-shirts leftover from events accumulating in drawers, bins, or cabinets? Bring your excess swag from your municipality, city, or town – whether its related to special events or not and exchange them with your peers. Come join the frenzy of fun and get some new gear in the process!

We are pleased to announce the MSES 2019 Keynote Speaker, Tom Dundon, Owner of the Carolina Hurricanes!

In addition to being the principal owner and governor of the ‘Canes, Dundon is the Chairman and Managing Partner of Dundon Capital Partners, a Dallas-based private investments firm.  His investment activities have spanned the entertainment, healthcare, real estate and hospitality, technology, automotive and financial services sectors.  Help us give him a big Caniac welcome in January!

Registration is now open!  View registration details.

Early-bird registration deadline will be December 16, 2018.

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CLOSED: The deadline for all presentation proposal submissions is Friday, September 28, 2018.

All presentation proposals will be reviewed by the Programs Subcommittee. If you submitted a presentation proposal, you can expect to receive a status update by the end of October 2018. Don’t forget to register for the Municipal Special Events Summit!

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MSES 2018 Testimonials

To highlight the impact of the inaugural Municipal Special Events Summit 2018, we’ve asked some of our first-time attendees to share their experiences with us.  Interested in attending the next summit in Raleigh?  These testimonials just might persuade you to register!

“The 1st Annual Special Events Summit was a wonderful opportunity to connect with other special event managers.  There isn’t anything like this gathering in the world of special event regulators – especially because there isn’t anyone trying to sell you anything.  I met so many great people and got to have meaningful conversations off line about issues that I experience in my community and position.  I also was so inspired to see what other municipal event managers are doing and how they are innovating in their field.  This is a ‘do not miss experience’!”     – Alexis Hill, City of Reno

“The Municipal Special Events Summit is a unifying forum of peer cities that can help regulators make their special events safer and more successful. It’s a long-overdue opportunity to ask: How does your city approach this challenge? Or, How do you do that cool thing you do?” – Dylan Rice, San Francisco Entertainment Commission

“Overall it was just a great first step in opening conversations with other cities regarding Special Events.”

“I loved the promoter feedback session, the discussion on fee reimbursement, community event discussions and hearing from all of the communities. Best conference I think I’ve ever been to!”

“The Austin Center for Events team was simply amazing! They were very gracious and did a good job of putting together an inaugural event. I appreciated the panel interviews highlighting different sized cities so almost anyone could relate to the conversation.”

Thank you to those in attendance at the inaugural Municipal Special Events Summit 2018 in Austin, Texas!

The information exchanged on hosting safe events was invaluable. Looking forward to having a new network of special event experts nationwide!  Check out the fun wrap-up video from the convention.