Event Security 2.0 – Fostering Public/Private Partnerships

Post Pulse, Manchester and Las Vegas, the need to properly safeguard today’s stadiums, venues and arenas is quite complex due to the ever evolving threat continuum. The need for fostering effective public/private partnerships cannot be underscored. Getting the key stakeholders to speak the same language in the interest of public safety is paramount for protecting the space. Duty of care, lessons learned and the best practices is the prevailing theme moving forward.

(5) areas of discussion:

  1. Security should be viewed holistically, from a wide angle lens.
  2. The integration of physical security and technology is a key component for safeguarding the vertical.
  3. Proactive risk mitigation event staff training.
  4. Threat and vulnerability assessments.
  5. Responsible social media monitoring and real time intelligence gathering.

Friday, February 1 | 9:45am – 10:45am
James DeMeo | Unified Sports & Entertainment Security
Raleigh Convention Center | 305 B
Traditional Session