Convince Your Boss

Make the case to your boss why you need to be at MSES 2021

Need help justifying the opportunity?

We want to simplify the approval process of attending MSES 2021. If you are asked to provide justification for the expenses to your supervisor, we’ve provided a few tools to help you build your case: a a benefits worksheet, budget form, and a sample letter.


  • When submitting a proposal to your supervisor, clearly outline the connection between the needs of your department and your organization with the benefits of attending the Municipal Special Events Summit 2020; emphasize how your MSES 2020 attendance will give you the knowledge and the resources to meet those needs.
  • Consider the value of learning new best practices, making new contacts, and gaining new insights and ideas from the educational sessions you’ll attend. Remember to also highlight the specific skills, knowledge, and experiences you can immediately bring back to your organization.
  • Showing that you can put the connections made and the knowledge gained at MSES 2020 into action right away makes it easier for your supervisor to support your attendance at the summit.

…we’ll see you in Hosuton for the
Municipal Special Events Summit 2021!