City as Event Concierge: Positioning Community Events to be Safer and More Successful

As San Francisco faces increased construction and population density as well as rising costs of doing business, the City must be vigilant to ensure that San Francisco remains a hospitable environment not just for the well-capitalized events, but also for a diverse pool of arts, cultural, and community-driven outdoor events. Through the implementation of education, customer service, and community engagement, and financial assistance initiatives, the San Francisco Entertainment Commission’s outdoor events program aims to:

1.) Make the City a more hospitable and accessible place by serving as an “event concierge” for the industry; AND
2.) Promote responsible event planning so events are in a better position to achieve compliance and be safer and more successful.

This presentation will share what has been working, what still needs working on, and will engage the audience in searching for and promoting more models that could be adopted in different cities.

Friday, February 1 | 11:00am – 12:00pm
Dylan Rice | San Francisco Entertainment Commission; Tammy Turnipseed | City of San Jose
Raleigh Convention Center | 305 A
Traditional Session